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Tire Repair near Me
Road debris is common on the roads of Thornhill, Ontario. Occasionally, that debris can be sharp, like a nail, and cause a puncture in your tire. This means you likely need a tire repair in order to continue driving your vehicle.
Acura of Thornhill has an on-site service center that can repair damage to your tires. Our team of highly trained technicians has the right tools to properly assess the damage to your tire and recommend a repair solution. Learn more below.

Can All Tires Be Repaired?
While all tires can be damaged, not all can be repaired. For a tire to be eligible for repair, it must meet the following criteria:
  • The damage is on the tread section of the tire.
  • The puncture is no larger than 6 mm.
  • Tires that have under 1.6mm of tread depth.
The sidewalls of a tire are not rigid enough to properly support a repair.
Larger punctures in the tire can risk leakage, even with a repair. If there is insufficient tread to place the repair on, the repair may not hold properly.
Tire Service

Tire Repairs
There are three tire repair options: a tire plug, tire patch, and tire plug patch.
A tire plug fills the puncture hole with some rubber to stop the leak.
A tire patch is a patch on the inside of the tire. It involves removing the tire from the wheel in order to repair it, which provides an opportunity for a technician to better assess the damage.
The recommended repair for most tires is a tire plug and patch combination. The tire plug is placed, and the tire patch ensures the plug remains in place. This ensures a good seal so you can use your tire for longer.

Schedule Your Vehicle’s Tire Repair Today
If your Acura has a damaged tire that needs repair, schedule an appointment at Acura of Thornhill. Drivers around Thornhill, ON, can schedule service by using our online scheduler or calling our service center. Our team will repair your vehicle’s tire and return you to the road as soon as possible.

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